The 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers


The Rules:

1.  Messages, pictures, or videos containing toxic, racist, sexist, intolerant, aggressive content, or content that is deemed to be inappropriate by the admin team, are prohibited. Any such posts we be removed, and a warning will be issued to the individual(s) who made the post. They will get one warning only. However, if it is agreed at the time, that the post is that serious and warrants immediate action, the individual(s) will be kicked from the regiment and discord with immediate effect.


2. If you are kicked from the server, matches or the regimental discord. Please note the following.

If you wish to appeal about the kick or ban. We will set up a tribunal to hear your case. This will be held in our discord 'Courtrooms' Col Father Merrin will hold court, where a final judgement of the facts will be made. You will be able to bring one representative to help in your defence. The tribunal will result in one of the following happening; An immediate ban, A temporary ban with a cooling off period of a week, A 24hr Ban or an immediate return to the regiment with all medals and ranks intact.
We suggest that if you see or hear things listed in paragraph 1. That you make a copy, record and save the evidence. In game use F12 for a quick screenshot or hold down for several. If you use windows use the windows key and ‘G’ to record what is happening or you can screenshot on your mobile what is being said in discord. There are other ways on other devices too. Then contact an admin or regiment leader.


3.  Messages containing pings, such as @everyone and those aimed at large groups of people are also prohibited. However, if you want to broadcast a message let an admin know and we can decide whether it is appropriate or not.


4.  Loud or Obnoxious behaviour, constantly shouting, screaming while in game or on discord, making sounds that are considered “ear rape” are also prohibited and may result in server muting or a temporary kick. This does not include officers, NCOs, Admins, or regimental leaders who must sometimes shout out orders.

The ‘N’ word is not tolerated, although in some countries this is not the case. While in this regiment, discord and on the battlefield. Please try your best to avoid using the word.

Please try and keep important channels clear. Off topic messages posted in the wrong channel maybe deleted without warning. If you are not sure where to post something. Please ask a server admin or an Officer for advice.

​Please refrain from the discussion of current political and other controversial topics, try to keep chat clean. Be respectful (both to members of the regiment as well as other regiments, and the Holdfast community at large).
**As of the 1/2/2021 we have decided that we will be using a 3 Strikes and you are out system**

5.  Please remember that English is the international language of the Holdfast Gaming Community. It is always used in discord (unless otherwise authorised) and must always be used during line battles and in public events. 


6.  Please do not talk bad of those above you in the command structure. If you have an issue, raise it with the Colonel or an Officer. (Warnings will be issued if you do)

7.  While in the discord we do not order members around but while in game with the regiment, please remember to Obey orders from your commanding officers and respect chain of command. You must listen to the commands of any NCO, Officer and in some cases even enlisted soldiers. These roles are often given out before matches. Orders may even be shouted at you and do not be offended if you get shouted at just learn from the mistake.

8.  When in battle, if it is not specified at the beginning of the match, you must not talk in VOIP as the enemy can spot you. However, in the heat of battle if you see enemy closing in or not already noticed by the command you can call it in, as the protection of the regiment in battle is especially important. **As of 1/2/21 we have agreed that PTS (Permission To Speak) is optional and If a line Leader wishes to use it in a match or in one round. Then they can and we expect everyone to follow the rule.**

9.  While enlisted in our regiment, please make sure you use your company and regiment tags. This can be set in game in settings prior to starting the game. If you join the regiment in any Mercenary matches that we join. Remember to change your tags and that you are representing our regiment in game. So make us proud.

The tags to use are as follows; 23rd | Rank & Name for example 23rd | Col Father Merrin

10.  NSFW Channels are for 18+ only. The channel is monitored and subject matter must still remain in the boundaries of common decency and UK law.

Promotions will follow the basic format below and will be agreed by The higher command. They will be as fair as possible in  and a promotion will generally be set buy the following criteria.

All members of the '23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers' will start at 'CADET Infantry' level.
​To progress from CADET  You will need to complete all the 'Basic Training Courses' for each section within the 23rd. 
Be active in the servers weekly and participate in our discord.

​Show a positive attitude towards promoting the 23rd.

​To reach the rank of NCO. We would expect you to take the officer training courses.

To lead Linebattles when asked to.

To help maintain order on the battlefield and within discord voice chats. Making sure PTS is observed and all banter is kept in game chat. (When it is play)

Further information on Basic training and Officer Training can be obtained from an admin, NCO or Officer.​ 

By using our Discord, you agree to the above rules. If you do not agree to the rules above, please feel free to contact us and explain why or feel free to leave the server.

If any user violates the above rules, action will be taken against them as previously described in Rule 2.

Above all things have fun after all this is a great game and we are a great bunch of players from across the globe. Please Play and Behave in an Honourable and respectful manner and if you ever feel that you are being harassed, abused or the victim of online abuse, please contact a server admin or owner. This regiment like many others out there is focused on casual and fun participation, sometimes when the heat of battle is tight and in times of dire provocation, orders might be shouted a little louder and directed at you. Take it on the chin, because let’s face it we all love to win and want to win.