Special thanks go to the following

Thank you to Revolving DCON for his ARMA 3 gifts.

The DCON Vehicle Spawner

The DCON Valkyrie (soon to be released)

and the DCON Razor Drone (with all its added extras)

We thank you for making the fun even funnier.

Thank you to all those staff at Bohemia Interactive for creating the best PC Game ever.

Some big thanks to those listed below. Their scripting knowledge and time to explain to others has really helped no end.

DayZ Medic - Arma script tutorials 
ALIAS - Arma script tutorials

OKSMAN TV - Arma script tutorials

Celery for his wonderful in game CLY Jukebox

RICKoSHAY - Scripting help & examples

Un-Com - For the wackiest alien robot race

MOSSARELLI - Arma Firing Range

Special thanks go to those listed below for the maps and scenarios they made.

I have altered them to work on the server and to advance the maps.

paddyg - his Chernarus racing map.
roy86 - for his brilliant Patrol Operations series.
Barf - for his Sniper Support map which has enabled me to work on various versions of the same game. Including a TDM version 
Barry McCockinner - for his old Cargo Land design, this now works on my server and has been ported to TDM and also on Malden 2035